Process BAD-DAB

The first task was to choose a name. We chose BAD as it can have more than one meaning……and DAB, as it is a real live example of what can be achieved by international cooperation.

The next task was to make a representative photo, without revealing our identities. We chose to make a photo of our hands, as a reflection of our togetherness and solidarity. The photo was too large, so we cropped it. After some trial and error, we managed to make it the size we wished it to be. The cropping technique, was a new skill,which we learned during this task.

Next came our individual descriptions of ourselves. We Google searched for appropriate links, which we then copied and pasted into the text.

During this task, we learned how to use WordPress and how to post content and add photos. It was an effective task, in the sense, that we listened to each other, each made contributions, used media,used our visual and creative skills, with the end goal of making a single collaborative piece of work.

The usefulness of this activity as part of teaching , could be to encourage pupils to work together, contribute and then comment. This would be a good method of engaging with what was learned in class, whilst at home.

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